Mental Health Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Mental Health Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Lindsey Nelson,

I am writing to express my interest in the position of Mental Health Assistant with Apalachee Center, Inc.

To help prepare for this position, my high school courses focused on health, psychology, science, math and social sciences and I recently completed an associate degree in psychology. I am very detailed-oriented with the ability to listen careful and learn quickly. I am prepared to complete any training programs and attend seminars and lectures to help advance my career.

My personal skills include having an easy-gong personality and great communication skills with the ability to help create a friendly and welcoming environment where the patients will feel comfortable. It also includes understanding that many patients have metal illnesses that make it difficult for them to function socially and I have the compassion and patience to work with these individuals on a daily basis. I also understand the importance of informing the staff of any behavior problems that needs monitored or when intervention is needed for the safety of all patients.

My ability to work with these patients during their therapeutic activities, keep track of their progress and ensure they take their medications on schedule helps to qualify me for this job. I am physically fit and able to help move, feed, dress and bath patients that need assistance.

I also have the skills and training to help these patients improve their social skills and to perform other duties that will help to improve their quality of life. My energetic and persuasive personality will help me encourage patients to participate in social activities.

Please call (012)-345-6789 for an interview.



Kathryn Bou

Encl: Resume