Mentor Cover Letter

Here is the Mentor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Gray,

I am interested in the Mentor position that I recently saw posted on your website. My patience and understanding of all the aspects of this position make me a great candidate for your company. I know this will put me in good standing with your employees and those who are to be mentored by me in the future.

My teaching skills are above average and I have graduated high school as well as obtained an Associate’s Degree in Business. It takes a great communicator in order to help those who are being mentored and I bring both verbal and written communication skills to any position that I fill. I know that I may be required to work off hours in order to be the counselor that I am needed to be and I do not have an issue with this.

It takes a team to create a well working organization. I know that my skills at mentoring would make me a vital part of your team. I feel that we should further discuss my background. I can be reached by calling (012)-345-6789 or you can email me at [] I am available to meet at your earliest convenience and I thank you for your time.


Your Signature

Robert Howell

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