MFT Cover Letter

Here is the MFT Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Julie Parker,

I am applying for the open position of MFT with Aegis Medical Systems, Inc..

It has always been my desire to help others deal with their emotional problems so I pursued this career by earning a master’s degree in counseling with courses that focused on marriage and family therapy. I am licensed to practice in this state and always adhere to a strict code of ethics.

I understand how difficult it is for patients to deal with emotional issues such as death, divorce, physical or substance abuse along with many other problems that can affect their health and well-being. It is my goal to provide the best care for all patients under my counseling, so they can learn to deal with the crisis they are experiencing in a healthy manner.

I am familiar with a variety of techniques that can help families get to the source of the issue so we can implement a plan to change harmful behavioral problems. Not only can I provide the patients at your facility with quick solutions that will help get the situation under control but my training and experience includes creating long-term plans that will help families find permanent ways to deal with their issues.

The ability to communicate efficiently is a huge factor in helping families learn how to find solutions for their problems and I can teach them effective ways to stay calm and talk out their issues. I will also teach families how to replace dysfunctional actions with constructive behavior to help create a more calm and friendly environment where everyone can relax more. My personal skills include being compassionate, understanding and patient while staying firm and in control of the situation.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789


Kermit Halloran

Kermit Halloran

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