Middle School Principal Cover Letter

Here is the Middle School Principal Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Jane Layton,

I am applying for the Middle School Principal position at Haynes Public Charter School.

I have acquired a master’s degree in education administration in addition to having six years of teaching experience and two years working as an assistant principal. During this time, I gained valuable insight on what it takes to keep a school functioning smoothly. It has also made me aware of all the challenges school officials must deal with on a daily basis and I am fully prepared to meet problems head on and to find suitable solutions to solve the issues that arise.

In addition to handling daily operations, my training and experience has provided me with the ability to set educational goals for the students that meet or exceed the state, local and federal requirements. I believe in setting a good example for the rest of the staff and students and in providing support and inspiration for everyone to perform at their fullest potential.

I possess very strong leadership skills with the ability to monitor teachers and other staff to ensure they are meeting school standards and to hold teachers accountable for the performance of their students. My abilities also include making sure they have the support and materials needed to perform their duties efficiently.

My personal abilities include excellent communication skills with the ability to convey and receive information efficiently. They also include strong analytical skills with the ability to analysis situations, solve problems and make the best decisions for the school.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789 and I look forward to your call.


Lorraine Ismail

Lorraine Ismail

Resume Attached as MS Word Document