Museum Educator Cover Letter

Here is the Museum Educator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Melendez,

I am highly interested in the Museum Educator position that you have posted on your website. I know that I can bring the energy and knowledge to not only offer tours, but to educate those who are visiting your museum. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History and am well versed in other areas of any museum as well.

My interests include archeology and I have studied Ancient Egypt in depth as well. I know that my personality and love for anything historical would be a great advantage in fulfilling this position. Children or adults are captivated by my communication skills and knowledge of the pieces I am speaking about. I never have a problem answering questions or going into more detail when asked.

The organizational skills I bring allow me to help coordinate the volunteers that may be working on the same day as I am. I know the important and interesting pieces to show the public and I have a great way of flowing through the museum to keep everyone interested.

A meeting to further discuss the needs you have for an educator would be in both of our interests. I know that you are very busy and I am available at your convenience. You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789 or you can email me at []


Your Signature

Margaret Smith

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