Navigator Cover Letter

Here is the Navigator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Hall,

This letter is being submitted in order to apply for the Navigator position at your company that was listed on your website. I have attached my resume for your convenience and would ask that you consider me as a candidate. My skills are exemplary and I bring a dedicated customer service attitude that is necessary for this type of work.

I have a high school diploma as well as more than five years working as a Navigator. My communication skills are above par and I can be clear and concise when offering direction. I am always in a good mood while at work and I never complain about any aspect of the job as this is not what the clients are there for.

In any organization, it is important that there is someone present who is pleasant and who offers the clients the best in navigation. This is why I know that I would be a benefit to your company and to your clients.

I feel that a meeting between us would be in both of our best interests. We can further discuss my background and you see my personality in person. I can be reached by calling (012)-345-6789 in order to set up a time for this meeting.


Your Signature

Susan Albers

Enclosure: Resume