Network Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Network Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Paschke,

I am very interested in the Network Specialist position with International Network Services, Inc. and I am confident that I have the skills and training you are searching for in an applicant.

I have a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and I worked part-time as an assistant to a professional Network Specialist while earning my degree. He helped me gain valuable hands-on experience in this field that includes installing network systems and making upgrades when new technology becomes available.

I am certified by the Cisco organization where I gained knowledge of network configuration and network security. My experience includes working with routers and switches and I have extensive knowledge of Cisco networking software along with the LAN/WAN networks. I also have the skills to do maintenance checks to ensure the systems are functioning correctly.

I have excellent problem solving skills with the ability to locate the source of the problem, analyze the situation and find a suitable solution. When the problem is hard to detect, I have the knowledge and ability to troubleshoot to find the problem and to make the repairs in a fast and efficient manner.

I have great interpersonal skills with the ability to discuss technical problems and concerns with other professionals and with those who are not familiar with technical language. I also have excellent time management and organizational skills, which is vital in this profession. I am a team player and have the ability to maintain a professional and friendly attitude when working in high stress environments.

I know that I am the best applicant for this position and you can reach me for an interview by calling (012)-345-6789.



Clay Holbrook

Encl: Resume