Nurse Educator Cover Letter

Here is the Nurse Educator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Montiel,

I was on your website and saw the advertisement for the Nurse Educator opening that you posted. I am well educated and have taught nursing previously. My resume is attached to this letter of introduction for your convenience. I know that I have the requirements to fill this position and would great addition to your staff.

I have a Master’s Degree in Nursing and have more than eighteen years of on the job training with the past five of them centered on teaching. My motivational and communication skills are what make me a great educator and this is the facet of the job that I enjoy the most. I am also able to organize students and ensure that they understand completely the lesson plan that I am teaching them.

It is very important that students get the best education possible at any school. This is why I know that I would be an asset to your school. I have the ability to teach on any level and can get students excited at the prospect of learning. I know that we would both benefit from a sit down conversation to further discuss my background and skills. I can be reached to schedule this meeting by calling (012)-345-6789.



Ricardo Vega

Encl: Resume