Nurse Extern Cover Letter

Here is the Nurse Extern Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Betty Varela,

I am applying for the position of Nurse Extern with Carolinas Hospital System and I meet the requirements set forth by your facility.

I am in the process of earning my nursing degree with two years left before graduation. This position will help me gain the experience needed to receive the credentials to qualify for a job after graduation. This hands-on experience is vital in helping me prepare for and be ready to work as a nurse in the future.

Working under the direct supervision of a trained professional while learning the finer points of being a nurse will help me gain the confidence needed to work in this type of environment. I possess active listening skills with the ability to follow directions precisely and to conduct myself in a friendly, professional manner at all times.

I have the skills and training to assist the training nurse with a variety of procedures such as monitoring IVs, taking vitals and administering medications. Helping patients with personal hygiene, getting dressed and moving around the facility are also duties that I can perform. Other duties include changing bed linens, cleaning and sanitizing the rooms and workstations in addition to gathering patient information, charting and assessing the patient’s current condition.

Becoming a nurse and helping people is a very rewarding career choice and I am looking forward to putting my skills to good use. This job would be a huge step in helping me achieve my career goal so I hope you will consider me for this very important position.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789.


Sammy Battles

Sammy Battles

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