Occupational Health Nurse Cover Letter

Here is the Occupational Health Nurse Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Copeland,

I am the best candidate to fill the Occupational Health Nurse position available with GDKN Corporation.

I am certified by The American Board for Occupational Health Nurses and I have the training and skills your company is searching for in an applicant. I possess the knowledge and skills to help your company prevent or greatly reduce the risks of serious injuries from occurring within your facility.

My training qualifies me to inspect and evaluate work areas to look for potential hazards that could cause injuries to the personal within your establishment. This includes checking equipment for malfunctions and looking for anything within the work area that could cause an accident.

I have excellent writing skills with the ability to create detailed reports describing my findings and the reasons why it is a hazard. I also have the skills to explain the level of danger associated with each hazard.

I have the research abilities and medical knowledge to review the potential employee’s medical history to determine his/her overall health and to check for preexisting conditions that might prevent the person from accepting a particular position. I can then conduct a physical exam to determine if the applicant is physically fit and suited to work in a position that involves hazardous conditions.

In the unfortunate event someone within the facility gets sick, I have the ability to examine the worker to determine if his/her condition is job related. I can also keep extensive health records of all employees.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.



Cassie Maher

Encl: Resume