Online Instructor Cover Letter

Here is the Online Instructor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Butler,

This letter is being submitted in response to the Online Instructor position that I saw posted on your website. For this reason, I have attached my resume along with my references for your perusal. I know that my teaching experience as well as my internet experience would be a great asset to your school and I would bring this knowledge to you if I were to be hired.

My education includes, a Bachelor Degree in English and I have completed my teaching accreditation certification. I have taught at the high school and collegiate level for more than ten years and really enjoyed the experience. I now find myself wanting to branch out more and am interested in other forums for education such as the internet courses.

In this day and age, many students want to have alternatives to going to a traditional brick and mortar school which is understandable. For this reason, I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the online learning experience at your institution. I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your needs for an educator. I can be reached at any time by calling (012)-345-6789. I am available at your earliest convenience.



Warren Griffey

Encl: Resume