Operations Supervisor Cover Letter

Here is the Operations Supervisor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Mullin,

This letter is being submitted in response to the Operations Supervisor position that was recently listed in the Indianapolis Star on Sunday’s edition. I am also submitting my resume for you to look over and consider when choosing the candidates to interview. My skills and experience stand by themselves and I know that I would be a great addition to the team at your company.

While I do not have any formal education, I have been working in operations for the better part of fifteen years when I graduated high school. I rose through my prior company to the level of operations supervisor until an illness in my family forced me to move here. Communication is a large part of this job and I have the ability to organize and to multitask when needed.

It takes an effective leader to run the operations department of any company. For this reason, I know that I would be the best candidate for this position and that your company would benefit from my experience. I would like to set up a time where we can meet and further discuss our mutual needs. I can be reached at anytime by calling my cell phone (012)-345-6789 or my home (012)-345-6789.



Fred Trottier

Encl: Resume