Optometrist Cover Letter

Here is the Optometrist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Smith,

In response to your recent advertisement seeking an Optometrist, I am submitting my application and interest today. Please note I have included a resume at your request.

I know that my eight years of experience as an Optometrist, as well as my internship at ETS Vision during my college years, has given me the experience and skills you are seeking in an Optometrist for Perfect Vision. I have experience hiring and training employees, answering patient questions, performing analysis and treatment for patients, and determining the best product and action for each patient. I am very friendly, knowledgeable, and work well in a team atmosphere.

I ask that you consider these reasons-as well as the details in my resume-for your position of Optometrist, and then give me a call at (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview. Thanks so much for your consideration.


Your Signature

Christopher Keller

Enclosure: Resume