Organic Chemist Cover Letter

Here is the Organic Chemist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Miriam Fernald,

I am interested in the organic chemist position that was recently listed by your company Biotium, Inc. Attached you will find my resume which highlights my experience, references and certifications that may be needed in consideration of this position.

I have bachelor’s degree chemistry and have also taken organic chemistry courses in order to follow my career goal of becoming an organic chemist. My experience includes an internship and over three years of experience working in a laboratory setting. In my prior position I was responsible for analyzing and monitoring the validity of all data collected from organic department in order to prepare various reports for analysis and to perform a review on all technical data while providing training to technicians for same.

It was also my task to perform troubleshooting on all technical organic issues and to assist others on all departmental development programs. I also trained and prepared programs as per the schedule for all of the activities and implemented all programs as per the lab methods while designing various preventative maintenance programs on all processes. This included identifying root causes through the effective analysis on internal and external non-conformances and recommended appropriate preventative and corrective actions in the organic department and assisted other departments to evaluate all data.

It would be my privilege to have the chance to further discuss your needs in an organic chemist and how I can fulfill them to the betterment of your company. I can be reached at any time by calling (012)-345-6789 to set up an interview.



Otis Brito

Encl: Resume