Paraeducator Cover Letter

Here is the Paraeducator Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Haar,

I am interested in the Paraeducator position that I found posted at your site on Monday. I know that my teaching skills coupled with my ability to work with those students who are challenging would be beneficial to your school as well as your students. I have attached my resume for you to look over at your convenience.

My education includes an Associate’s Degree in English as well as earning my certification as a paraeducator. I have worked with students who need extra assistance close to five years now and enjoy the work immensely. My skills include being able to set up IEP programs and working directly with parents and educators to ensure that the child is getting the best education.

Special students need special care and I know that I can bring that quality that is needed in order to help these students with their learning needs. For this reason, I know that I would be a valued member of the team of educators in your special education department.

I can be reached for an interview by calling (phone number) at any time. I know that a meeting between us would be beneficial not only to your school and myself but to the students that would benefit from my experience.



Charles Clark

Encl: Resume