Parole Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Parole Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Garcia,

This letter is being submitted in response to the Parole Officer position that has recently become available at your agency. A business colleague of mine forwarded me the details of this listing and I have attached my resume for your convenience. I am moving to your area in a week and I was very pleased to see that there could be a job waiting for me.

My education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I have worked in this capacity for going on ten years now and find the work challenging and well as stressful on days. I understand the nature of the business and do not balk at any assignment that is given to me.

It is important that those who have recently been released from prison have a liaison that can help them with the transition to the real world. For this reason, I know that I can be an effective part of the team at your agency. I have the organizational skills along with the communication ability needed to be effective.

I would love the opportunity to chat with you more in regards to this opening. I can be reached at any time by calling (012)-345-6789. I would not have a problem traveling for an interview should you require that of me.


Your Signature

Barbara Connell

Enclosure: Resume