Passenger Service Agent Cover Letter

Here is the Passenger Service Agent Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Thomas,

I am applying for the Passenger Service Agent position for American Airlines Airlines.

Having worked part time at a large hotel chain, I believe I have the experience to provide excellent customer service for your passengers. My experience includes helping guests with their baggage, providing general information about the area and handing out brochures and maps to highlight the main businesses in the area.

I also escorted guests to their rooms or other areas of the hotel when they seemed to be having trouble and I helped those with special needs get around the facility. When not helping the guests, I assisted the other staff members by helping keep the lobby and outside area of the hotel clean and free of debris.

I have traveled a lot by air so I am familiar with airline procedures such as checking in baggage, going through security and finding the right terminal that I believe will help me learn this position much faster. I am computer literate, so I have the ability to learn your system in a timely manner with the ability to learn basic functions such as checking in passengers/baggage, answering questions and selling or collecting airline tickets.

I have experience working with travelers that have special needs and I have the personality to help create a good atmosphere where passengers can feel comfortable and a little less stressed when traveling.

You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789 to set up a meeting where we can discuss my credentials and this position in more detail.


Your Signature

Robert King

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