Pastry Chef Cover Letter

Here is the Pastry Chef Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Pena,

I see from your recently posted listing on that you are in the market for a Pastry Chef at Mission Inn Hotel & Spa. I have just the experience and knowledge you ask for in your ad, and have included my resume for your consideration.

I began my career as a Pastry Chef with a degree from Burlington College in 1996. Since that time, I have worked at a handful of upscale resorts and restaurants in the MI area. I have worked as lead Pastry Chef, as well as part of a team of esteemed Pastry Chefs; and thus, can work well in either setting.

To learn more about what pastries are my specialty and what types of menus I can create for your restaurant, I ask that you contact me at (012)-345-6789. Once you do, we can schedule a time for me to come in and show you my portfolio and discuss my background. Thanks so much for considering me today for this position.


Melissa Schaefer

Melissa Schaefer

Resume Attached as MS Word Document