Patient Transporter Cover Letter

Here is the Patient Transporter Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Wiggins,

I am interested in the Patient Transporter job that I saw listed on your hospital’s employment section of your website. For this reason, I have attached my resume to this document for you to go over. I know that I have the skills and background that you are looking for in order to fill this opening effectively.

I have been working as a transporter for nearly six years and understand the requirements that are needed to make the patients comfortable without compromising their health. The courses that I have passed at my previous employer include CPR certification and Patient Handling. I am fully capable of lifting patients when required and can move beds, wheelchairs and set up oxygen tanks when required.

I know that it takes a gentle touch for some patients and I never try to rush them when they are in pain or need a breather. It important that the patient is comfortable when moving from one location to another and I always make their comfort my top priority at all times.

I know your hospital and patients would benefit from my experience and background. This is why I would suggest a meeting between us to further explore our mutual needs. I can be reached by calling (012)-345-6789.



Luis Quinones

Encl: Resume