Payroll Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Payroll Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Markus,

I am applying for the Payroll Officer position now available with Western Reserve Group and I have included my resume with a detailed account of my experience and skills related to this job.

I have my diploma and I am ready to join the workforce to put the skills I have acquired over the last several years to good use. I worked part-time in high school for a small firm where I assisted the Payroll Officer in her daily duties.

This included receiving time-sheets, entering this data into the system and processing employee paychecks. It also included performing clerical tasks such as filing, answering phones, greeting clients and using office equipment. I have exceptional computer skills with knowledge of Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Spreadsheets along with a variety of other programs.

I pay close attention to detail and I have the ability to enter all information into the computer system correctly. I have the ability to concentrate on what I am doing to prevent mistakes, even when there are things going on around me that could be distracting.

I work well with others and get along with everyone and I learn very quickly. I have excellent time management skills and I am an active listener with the ability to focus on the information others are providing me with. I know I have the skills to fill this position and I look forward to meeting with you in person to discuss my credentials in more detail.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Nancy Barnes

Enclosure: Resume