Physical Education Teacher Cover Letter

Here is the Physical Education Teacher Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Mccann,

I just found your call for an experienced Physical Education Teacher online, and I am so excited about this position for a number of reasons. Please review my resume that is enclosed.

I have been a Physical Education Teacher for the past 16 years at Langley High School in San Diego, CA, teaching at the high school level. During this time, I have also been in charge of coaching the boy’s intramural basketball team during the fall/winter months. I know that my approach to teaching physical fitness is comprehensive, healthy, and handles a lot of different sports education. I like to see that my students are introduced to a wide range of low and high impact team sports and individual training, so they can find the right way to stay fit and healthy for themselves. I am committed to my field, and teaching boys and girls to make a lifetime commitment to wellbeing and fitness.

Please ask around and you will find that I have only the best in a professional reputation as a Physical Education Teacher. Then, give me a call at (012)-345-6789 to arrange a meeting and to tour the school. I am very enthusiastic about this position and thank you for your time and contact.


Your Signature

Johnny Baumbach

Enclosure: Resume