Pianist Cover Letter

Here is the Pianist Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Maurice Medina,

I am applying for the pianist position through your company Nitelines and for your convenience have attached my resume to this document.

My education started when I was young and took piano lessons and I have since earned a bachelor’s degree in piano performance. After graduating from college, my career includes teaching piano and playing live in a professional setting. I am able to read, write, improvise upon and interpret all musical scores and have great practice skills to ensure that my piano playing is always on point.

I have great communication skills which allow me to work with vocalist in order to help train their voices to different octaves and can also work with a full choral group if needed in order to accompany them. When needed I am also able to be a part of a full orchestra or band and or I can create a full sound just through the piano alone. Basically, I have the ability to work on my own or with others when needed and am a team player at all times.

There is no problem with keeping a piano tuned as this was part of my schooling and I have had to do this with my own piano. I am also thoroughly versed playing keyboards or synthesizers if a different sound is needed other than a traditional piano or if a piano is too large for a venue.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789. I look forward to hearing from you.



Angela Westbrook

Encl: Resume