Pipe Fitter Cover Letter

Here is the Pipe Fitter Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Tran,

I am applying for the job of Pipe Fitter available with CTR Group and my skills and experience meet the requirements in your advertisement.

I completed a pipe fitting apprenticeship where I gained firsthand experience in this profession. My experience includes reading, interpreting and drawing up blueprints. Through my training, I gained knowledge of hydraulics and HVAC systems, which is important when replacing the piping for these units.

My experience also includes gathering the materials together and choosing the right size pipe for the job. I can read a tape measure accurately and I can cut the pipe to the exact size and then assemble and install the piping and supports correctly. My experience also includes welding pipes to prevent leaks and I am familiar with all the tools used in this business such as pipe cutters, saws, hammer, cutting torch and chisels.

My skills also include using a pipe-threading machine to thread the pipe and using pipe-bending machines. I have the skills to conduct maintenance checks to ensure piping is in good shape and to make repairs when necessary.

I have experience inspecting the work site to determine if there are obstacles in the way that will require changes when the pipe installation begins. I also have the skills to check for structural soundness to determine how safe the work site is. I am physically fit and able to perform the duties required by this job. I am dependable, hard working and I can be a great asset to your company.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview.


Your Signature

Alden Messner

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