Plumber Apprentice Cover Letter

Here is the Plumber Apprentice Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Hobbs,

I would like to submit these documents in the hopes of becoming a Plumber Apprentice with your company. I have taken all of the necessary courses that would allow me to move forward with my dreams of becoming a plumber. You will find attached my resume as well as my government registration application that has my test results for your convenience.

I understand the nature of this apprenticeship and am fully aware that I am committing at least five years of my future to your company in order to become a fully licensed and certified plumber. This is something that I have thought hard and long about and am ready for this commitment. I am hoping to become a journeyman with your company after three years and then move forward to having the opportunity to test for the master plumber qualification.

Hard work and dedication are necessary in order to fulfill my dream. I will offer this and more to your company. I learn quickly and will become a vital part of the team if given the chance. I would like to speak to you more about this program and how we can both benefit from my apprenticeship. I can be reached at any time to set up a meeting by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Russell Tilley

Resume Attached as MS Word Document