Poker Dealer Cover Letter

Here is the Poker Dealer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Linda Hepworth,

I would like to be considered for the poker dealer position that is available at your card room Boyd Gaming Corporation.

My education includes a high school diploma and certification from a dealing and gaming program. I am also licensed in this state to deal poker and understand all of the gaming laws in both the state and federal level. I have more than six years of experience and I have organized many poker games while ensuring the accuracy in all collection of monies for the house and to ensure that all table money was right before giving it to the winning player/players.

It is understood that the house only makes money on the number of hands dealt and for this reason I keep the game flowing to ensure that at least twenty eight hands are dealt per hour. One issue that is always vital to keep in mind of analyzing all players to ensure there is no cheating going on. In the event that it was noticed that a player is not acting appropriately, a floor manager would be called immediately.

I have great communication skills and am very personable when dealing with all players and other staff members of the card room. It is also a skill of mine to perform all chip buys for all new players and help table all fills while monitoring the shuffle procedures and maintaining the accuracy of all discards and deck hands.

You can contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789.


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Arlene Cummings

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