Political Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Political Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Nieves,

I am applying for the Political Analyst position with CMX Technologies and my resume contains a detailed look at my credentials.

I have acquired a bachelor’s degree in political science. My courses consisted of politics, the media, the judicial process, American presidency and environmental policies. I also studied statistics and data analysis and modern political theory. I completed an internship where I learned how politics affect different business sectors and I gained valuable knowledge concerning the law and government.

My research abilities are excellent and I can analyze the working government, political systems and foreign relationships to determine the main goal of the governments. My skills also include analyzing theories and affairs between the governments. I have the ability to analyze and determine the implications that certain actions will have on all governments and to provide advice on what course of action should be taken.

I have outstanding communication skills with the ability to present my findings in writing or verbally and in such a way, that anyone can understand. I also possess excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to maintain a friendly and professional attitude at all times. I have the ability to remain focused and calm even when the situation becomes hectic.

I also have experience conferring with board members, creating informational reports and giving presentations. I stay updated on all political news and trends and I have the ability to predict how certain trends and events will affect the future. I possess very strong critical thinking, time management and organizational skills and I hope to meet you soon for an interview.

You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789.


Beverly Fryar

Beverly Fryar

Resume Attached as MS Word Document