Portfolio Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Portfolio Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Wirth,

From my recent job search, I found that your company had an opening for a Portfolio Manager. I was very excited to hear this. With this in mind, I am applying for this position today with this letter and resume.

My experience is extensive, as I have worked as a Portfolio Manager for the past nine years. Previous to this, I was employed at The Avalon Group as a Portfolio Manager for over three years. I love what I do, am fluent in all the latest computer software programs, and have an analytical mind. I am also a great team player, have solid communications skills, and am very dedicated to my career and what I do.

I would love to set up a time to meet, and can be reached at (012)-345-6789. If you have any questions, I ask that you contact me. Thanks so much for the possibility of considering me for the position of Portfolio Manager.



Eugene Trevino

Encl: Resume