Prep Cook Cover Letter

Here is the Prep Cook Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Williams,

Your head chef related to me that there is an opening at your restaurant for a Prep Cook. My resume has been attached in order to illustrate my experience in more depth that this letter will. I think you will find that I have the background you are looking for and the experience that is needed to take on this position.

My education includes recently completing culinary school at the head of my class. This would be my first real life kitchen position and I am fully aware that I have to start at the bottom in order to advance to the position of chef. I am willing to put in this time and effort in order to make my dream of becoming a full chef come true.

I have all the available hours that are needed to prep for a busy night in the kitchen and am available at any time day or night to work. I know a kitchen needs to have a full team of employees in order to be successful and that completion of my tasks is just as important as those completed by the chef. For this reason, I would like to discuss with you what you can expect from me as an employee. Please call me at (012)-345-6789 in order to set up a time to interview.


Your Signature

George Richey

Enclosure: Resume