Preschool Assistant Teacher Cover Letter

Here is the Preschool Assistant Teacher Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Dorothy Thomas,

I would like to apply for a preschool assistant teacher position with your school Treasured Angels Preschool.

While I do not yet have a degree, I am a high school graduate and am taking courses to become a teacher. What is being taught in these courses allows me to be able to assist the teacher in a classroom setting for children who are five years old or younger. It is also possible for me to instruct and supervise the children in their social and developmental activities. This includes providing one on one attention when the child is need of more personal help.

I understand that there may be a need for me to help change the students when they have an accident and to prepare their snacks and meals. If they need help with eating, there would be no problem with me helping to feed them and make sure that they are not left hungry.

With my education, it is possible for me to help teach the children about numbers, colors and shapes while also evaluating their students’ social development and physical well being. The courses that are being offered have taught me how to work with children that may have developmental disabilities. I can also take over the teacher’s duties when they are called out of the classroom for any reason.

I would appreciate the opportunity to sit with and further discuss what I can bring to any classroom in your school. Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789.



Robert Gonzalez

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