Process Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Process Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Alta Collins,

I am seeking a position of Process Analyst and would like to be considered by your company, Motion Industries.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and have taken and passed the Certified Quality Process Analyst exam and know the ASQ code of ethics inside and out. This was a huge deal for me as it took four hours and the exam had one hundred questions. It was worth it knowing that I can offer any company the highest quality of employee while pushing standards to the maximum and still bringing in a decent profit.

I fully understand the need for budget restriction and also know that I will be working with tight time constraints in order to get the company productive. I am comfortable working with a team under me and have great interpersonal and communication skills. Quality is my main goal while not taking away from the profit margin; in fact I would actually increase the profits while still ensuring the quality of the product.

I possess the skills to define and interpret what areas are in need of overhaul and where money can be cut in production. I will come up with and implement design models and concepts that are in line with the overall business plan of the company.

If you are interested in what I can do for your company, please feel free to call me any time at (012)-345-6789 to set up a meeting. I look forward to hearing from you and further discussing your company’s needs.


Patrick Criswell

Patrick Criswell

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