Product Developer Cover Letter

Here is the Product Developer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Hernandez,

I am relocating to your area and am interested in the Product Developer position that was listed on your website. I have the education and experience that I know that you are seeking in the candidate who will fill this position. My resume is also being submitted that will illustrate my background in greater detail for your convenience.

My education and experience is vast and I come to you with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree as well as ten years of practical experience. I know that it can be rewarding to take a product from the planning stage into the production aspect and I am always up to the challenge. I am not your average nine to five worker and can put in the hours needed at the critical stages of product development.

It takes a full team in order to see a concept realized in a working and viable project. This also takes a great deal of money and every project I have worked on in the past has come in under budget due to my diligence. For this reason, I know that I would be a vital part of the team at your company. I can be reached for a telephone interview by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Flora Thompson

Enclosure: Resume