Production Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Production Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Lankford,

As per your advertisement online, I would like to take the opportunity today to apply for the Production Assistant. I have included my resume, and can furnish professional references at your request.

I am employed as a Production Assistant for Harris Media Group, and am very happy in my position; but have always admired the work you have done and your longstanding reputation as the best production company in the business. This is what made me consider applying for your position. I have a degree in Film Production, and have worked the past three years in the role you mention in your ad. I have experience in film editing and with all various film editing equipment and techniques. What’s more, I am dedicated to my career, love working with film, and work well as a part of a team. In closing, I am a great communicator and am very eager to learn from your expertise.

Thanks for your time and consideration. I hope that you contact me at (012)-345-6789 at your earliest convenience.



Kevin Underwood

Encl: Resume