Provost Cover Letter

Here is the Provost Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Essie Hill,

I am applying for the position of Provost with Michigan State University and my qualifications match the requirements of your university.

I have a master’s degree in education administration and I am familiar with your university. Having worked five years as an associate professor for this school district, I am also familiar with the system and procedures used by your school. This will make adjusting to the position much easier and faster for a smooth transition.

I have the knowledge and experience needed to make important decisions concerning the academic programs for your university. I have the ability to ensure all operations run proficiently and I have the skills to create and balance budgets, resolve student and personnel issues and handle marketing campaigns for the university.

I possess exceptional leadership skills and the ability to interact and handle the student body in a professional and effective manner. I have strong decision-making skills with the ability to step-in and make decisions for the good of the university. I can also help find solutions for any problems that you now face or that occurs in the future.

I am dependable, professional and I have the means to continue learning as new technology becomes available. I have a proven record of accomplishment and I have included references in the attached resume. I am confident that I have the skills to help your company grow and meet both short and long-term goals.

My contact number is (012)-345-6789 and I am looking forward to meeting with you soon to discuss the details of this position more thoroughly.


Consuelo Bales

Consuelo Bales

Resume Attached as MS Word Document