Public Defender Cover Letter

Here is the Public Defender Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Muncy,

I write today with great enthusiasm at the position I found today in Los Angeles Times: that of the Public Defender for Second District Court of Appeals. I have included my resume for your convenience.

To be brief and let you discover the details of my qualifications in the included resume, I will say that I have a Law degree from Bloomfield College and an undergrad degree from Eastern College. Moreover, I have worked these last six years as a Law Clerk for Janice Rogers Brown presiding over Federal Public Defender in Brookshire, TX. I am now ready to progress to the challenge of Public Defender, and I know your open position would match my experience, education, and ultimate respect for the law perfectly.

To hear more about my background, please see the attached resume, as well as contact me at (012)-345-6789 for an interview. Thanks so much for your consideration and your time. Please let me know if I can forward any other materials or references to aid in the hiring process.



George Dunn

Encl: Resume