Public Relations Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Public Relations Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Serrano,

I have been seeking a position as a Public Relations Officer since I graduated with honors and earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Public relations. Not only do I come with this education, but I also have six years in public relations. I was not able to move forward any further in my last position and am seeking a company who is ready for me to grow with them as a company as well as personally.

My skills include a great ability to communicate with both written and verbal communications. I know that I will be on call night and day and understand the demands of this job. Stress does not get to me and I am calm and quite capable of dealing with any immediate problem with confidence and professionalism.

The most important part of a company is how it is viewed by the public and I would work diligently to ensure that the reputation of your company is pristine. I am looking forward to the time when I can sit with you and further illustrate what skills I will bring with me. I can be called on my home number (012)-345-6789 or my cell phone number (012)-345-6789 at any time to set up a time to meet.


Timothy Caldwell

Timothy Caldwell

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