Purchase Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Purchase Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Sowell,

I am applying for the Purchase Manager position available with BlueLinx Corporation and I am looking forward to meeting with you soon to discuss the details.

I have management experience that qualifies me to supervise staff members and I have experience training new employees and performing office duties. My experience also includes reviewing and checking the accuracy of invoices, processing payments and creating reports. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in business.

I have acquired outstanding computer skills with the ability to research market trends along with anything else that can affect supply and demand of all items related to this industry. These skills also make it possible to find reliable suppliers that offer quality merchandise and that can provide the quantity your company needs.

I have the flexibility to travel to distribution centers to conduct an evaluation of the facility to help determine which suppliers are best suited for your company. I also have the ability to create a purchasing strategy, forecast price trends and to determine how market trends will affect the future of this industry in relation to supplies.

I have excellent verbal and writing skills with the ability to convey information in a clear but brief and professional manner. These skills also come in handy when searching for the best supplies to use. I am a hard worker who is dependable and able to handle the responsibility of this very demanding profession. I have exceptional negotiating skills with the ability to get high quality goods and materials for the lowest possible prices.

You can reach me by calling (012)-345-6789.



Roberto Stankiewicz

Encl: Resume