Purchasing Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Purchasing Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Marlow,

With reference to your posting in this week’s newspaper, I present my qualifications for the position of Purchasing Manager at name of company.

Sir, I have six years experience in a supervisory role, and have been employed as a Purchasing professional for three. Hence, I have the experience and skills to apply success to your open position. My previous career titles match the responsibilities of your profile perfectly, as I handled all office administrative needs as well as purchasing and supervision of staff. Moreover, I have a Management degree from a well reputed university. I have a demonstrated ability to bring a team together for successful completion of projects, and this applies to my purchasing knowledge as well.

I ask that you please schedule a time to speak, and contact me at the following number (012)-345-6789. Thanks so much for your time. I am very grateful for your attention and consideration.



Samantha Holloway

Encl: Resume