Quality Auditor Cover Letter

Here is the Quality Auditor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Whitaker,

I am applying for the Quality Auditor position with Rock Tenn Company.

I have the experience and training needed to perform audits to determine if the quality of a product meets the specifications set forth by the state and federal government and that they comply with all company standards and policies. I have the ability to interpret blueprints and schematics to learn details about the products to ensure I have a complete understanding of how they function.

I have excellent communication skills with the ability to discuss procedures with employees to make sure they know and follow all quality and safety procedures. I can observe operations to look for areas that need improving. I also have the ability to make sure all equipment is functioning properly and that all procedures comply with the standards for quality control.

I have experience writing detailed reports with the ability to record all information found during the audits. I also have outstanding computer skills with experience using spreadsheets, database applications and word-processing programs proficiently.

I have the ability to examine the company’s quality system to look for areas that need updated and to make suggestions for improvements that will make it more dependable and effective. I pay close attention to detail and possess the ability to use my time wisely in order to stay on schedule and meet tight deadlines.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to set up an interview to discuss this position in more detail and to talk about what I have to offer your company.


Your Signature

James Powers

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