Reading Teacher Cover Letter

Here is the Reading Teacher Cover Letter example:

Dear Mr. Midgette,

I want to thank you for posting your ad for a Reading Teacher, as I am an established Reading Teacher looking for larger challenges in my career, and I know working at your school would be the perfect match. I have included my resume as well.

I am now employed at Whitney High School as the Reading Teacher for elementary level education. I help children begin and accelerate their reading capabilities through coaching, relevancy, and interactive and engaging lesson plans. I am encouraging and motivating for all my students, and can juggle a number of children and administrative tasks as needed in this role. I have been a Reading Teacher for the past five years, since my graduation from Georgetown University with a degree in Reading Education. Since that time, I have never felt so fulfilled in being able to teach children how to read and read better.

I ask that you take my qualifications under review and with consideration, and then contact me at (012)-345-6789 or email me at [] to schedule a meeting. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity to apply.


Amanda Lacross

Amanda Lacross

Resume Attached as MS Word Document