Recreation Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Recreation Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Elizabeth White,

In answer to your advertisement, I am writing this letter and enclosing my resume to be considered for the recreation manager position that was currently listed by your company CyberCoders.

After achieving my bachelor’s degree in recreation and completing over two years experience in the field, I have gained the skills necessary to be a valuable asset to your organization in this position. I posses strong organizational skills and an eye for detail, honed by my previous management experience. My extensive knowledge of conference planning and event organization are two more skills I possess.

Having had ample opportunity and the enthusiasm to practice and refine my skills, I am adept at ensuring that any activities that I plan and implement are carried out in a controlled environment. The safety of all participants is a particular focus of mine. As indicated by my background, I am qualified in several areas which are considered to be important in terms of recreation requirements of the facility.

My customer service and communication skills are strong which allows me to easily coordinate staff and volunteers. I am also able to collaborate with all vendors and other organization personnel, to assure each activity is supplied with what it needs and runs smoothly.

I would value the opportunity to sit down and discuss my skills and qualifications as a recreation manager with you. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience by calling (012)-345-6789. I am looking forward to meeting you and appreciate your consideration in this matter.



Felicia Baxter

Encl: Resume