Recruitment Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Recruitment Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Kaufman,

I am writing to officially apply for the Recruitment Manager position available with eTeam Inc.

I have the skills this job requires and I can be a great addition to your company. I am an outstanding judge of character, so the people that I recruit will only be the ones that are the best candidates for the job at hand.

Finding potential employees that are qualified for the job is only the beginning. Once you find them, you need to convince them that becoming an employee of your company is in their best interest and that is something that I can do very well. I have the skills and training needed to help your company excel to the top and meet all of your business objectives.

I also have the ability to keep in-depth records of all of my activities involving recruiting employees and I can assure you that I always follow proper procedure. This includes the Equal Employment Opportunity and disabilities laws and requirements that ensure no one is being discriminated against.

I possess the ability to forecast the future needs of the company based on its current growth. This gives me an idea of what the recruitment needs will be over the next year or two. I have a very flexible schedule with the ability to travel when needed, even on short notice. I have attached my resume with references and I believe that you will find I meet or exceed the credentials listed in your posting.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange an interview to discuss this position in more detail.



Michael Bostwick

Encl: Resume