Recruitment Officer Cover Letter

Here is the Recruitment Officer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Guzman,

I saw your listing for a Recruitment Officer that was recently listed and felt I had to send you my resume.

My spouse and I are relocating to your area which is why I am leaving my current employer. I would be willing to travel to interview with your company in order to secure a position before the final move.

Nothing brings me more satisfaction that helping job seekers to come into the fold of the company where I am employed. I love seeing new faces fresh out of college or those who attempting a career change or change of employer. Recruitment campaigns are vital to any industry and heading out for a career day is one of my favorite ways to spend the workday. I also enjoy the one on one interview process that is completed with college seniors to show what would be offered if they took a position within your firm.

I have helped placed hundreds of candidates within my last position and feel that I would be a huge asset to your company. While my duties were mostly out of the office, I do not feel that an in office position would be too stifling.

My qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and I have been working in the field for over ten years. I have a ninety percent success rate and also speak two foreign languages, French and Spanish.

Please feel free to contact me any time at my home number (012)-345-6789 or on my cell phone (012)-345-6789.


Helen Garcia

Helen Garcia

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