Recruitment Specialist Cover Letter

Here is the Recruitment Specialist Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Kane,

After moving to your area, I am seeking an opening for a Recruitment Specialist and I found a listing in the Denver Post for this opportunity at your company. My resume has been attached to this letter for your convenience. I know that you will see that my resume best illustrates my abilities along with my education and background.

One of the most important skills in recruitment is the ability to effectively communicate with the candidates that are being sought. I know that my communication skills are top notch and I have the ability to clearly and concisely offer the packages to the candidates. I can also speak in front of large groups effectively which I have had to do previously at job fairs.

Companies rely heavily on recruiting at colleges and high schools and I always dress appropriately and am professional and courteous. I will learn every aspect of the company and open positions in order to bring you the best candidates possible. It would benefit both of us to sit down and have a face to face meeting regarding your needs and how I can fill them. I can be reached at any time to schedule this meeting by calling (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Kristi Stoltzfus

Enclosure: Resume