Residential Counselor Cover Letter

Here is the Residential Counselor Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Jackson,

I understand from your advertisement on that you are seeking a Residential Counselor for your treatment center for adolescents. I am experienced in this role, and would like to present my candidacy with this letter and resume.

Briefly, I am a fully licensed Residential Counselor and have worked these past 12 years at two homes in the Santa Cruz, CA area. As Residential Counselor in both treatment centers for adolescents, I was in charge of scheduling and carrying out counseling sessions with hundreds of youth ages 12-18, conferencing with family and friends, and setting up opportunities with community collations and efforts. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Services Counseling from Pikeville College, and know what it takes to rehabilitate adolescents to better life choices.

If you find my qualifications a good fit, I ask that you contact me at (012)-345-6789 to schedule a time to meet. I would love to tour your facility, and learn more about the programs you are offering your patients. Thanks so much for your time.


Your Signature

Ronald Mcculley

Enclosure: Resume