Retail Sales Assistant Cover Letter

Here is the Retail Sales Assistant Cover Letter example:

Dear Mrs. Perez,

I am extremely interested in your Retail Sales position that I saw advertised on your website recently, and am applying today to win the possibility of an interview. Thank you for reviewing my enclosed resume.

To be brief, I have worked as a Retail Sales Assistant for the past four years, and so I have an outstanding idea of the market and the customer that I serve with the company product. Moreover, I am well equipped to handle all operational and administrative tasks such as cashier operation, accounting, sales goal meeting, and greeting of customers with new promotions. I have an excellent ability to communicate with people, and sell them products in a convincing way. These are but a few reasons why I would be perfect for your position at Permanent General Assurance Corp.

Please give me a call on your cell phone to schedule an interview. I would love to meet in person to learn more about your goals for this opportunity. Thanks so much for your time and consideration.



Stephen Bean

Encl: Resume