Revenue Analyst Cover Letter

Here is the Revenue Analyst Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Lavina Harrow,

I am seeking a position as a revenue analyst at your company ServiceMax, Inc. and have attached my resume for your consideration.

I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have been working as an analyst for over ten years and have performed monthly revenue analysis which I reported directly to the division managers each month. I have great communication skills which allowed me to conduct these meetings in an efficient manner. These skills also allowed me to interact with everyone on the management to determine monthly forecasts and to review prior revenue figures. I was a driving force in setting standards for compliance with the financial policies and regulations for the company.

My strengths lie in my computer skills and I am an expert in all Microsoft Office Software packages and can work with any spread sheet software. This allowed me to help develop and initiate standard revenue recognitions policies and that showed how generation activities affected the total profit margins. It also aided me in generating reports and financial statements that illustrated how policies affected revenue maximization.

I am highly self motivated and can work on my own although I am personable and do not mind taking part in team efforts. I know that this may be required in order to come up with monthly balances from each of the company’s departments. My work ethic is strong and do not mind taking on any overtime when it is required to complete month end, quarterly and yearly justifications.

Please feel free to contact me at any time by calling (012)-345-6789.


Ronald Brown

Ronald Brown

Resume Attached as MS Word Document