Risk Manager Cover Letter

Here is the Risk Manager Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Conway,

Your posting on www.indeeed.com indicates that you are currently seeking a Risk Manager for your company to supervise the analysis of potential risks to it. I understand that you only want a certain type of person to apply-one that has experience, proven results, and specialize in the best risk analysis. For these reasons, I apply today with the included resume.

I believe I am ideal for this position, as I have five years experience as a Risk Manager; as well as another three years experience as a Risk Analyst prior to that. I know how to perform risk analysis and evaluation, plan and implement in house audits, create risk analysis reports, and review and analyze programs in place. I know how to delegate and supervise a team of many professionals to ensure that risk analysis on all levels meets the goals set forth by the company.

I know, if given the chance to interview for this position, you would agree that I am just the team player for your position. Contact me at (012)-345-6789 as soon as possible to arrange a meeting. Thanks.



Carrie Steele

Encl: Resume