Sales Engineer Cover Letter

Here is the Sales Engineer Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Morris,

In response to your advertisement in Long Island Newsday, I have attached my resume. I am an experienced Sales Engineer, who wants to work for the best. My experience, education, and skills make me your best choice.

I have a great understanding of all Engineering concepts, and have worked the past nine years in various stages of the engineering process to include: research, development, production, and sales. I know all there is to know about electrical products and systems, and specifically, know yours like the back of my hand. This makes me a great salesperson for your team. This, and the fact that have a Masters in Engineering, three years in Sales, and nine years in Engineering. What’s more, I am great with people, can multi-task, and communicate well the concepts of the products I sell.

Please call me at (012)-345-6789, and I will stop by t show you my portfolio of products sold successfully. I know you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for your time.


Jennifer Stevens

Jennifer Stevens

Resume Attached as MS Word Document