School Coordinator Cover Letter

Here is the School Coordinator Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Margaret Perreault,

I am applying for the school coordinator opening at your school Life Academy and have attached my resume for your perusal.

I currently hold a master’s degree in social work and have over ten years of experience working in the industry. I am highly computer literate and can work on any of the most recent databases or applications that your school is using for records and information. I am highly organized and can multitask to ensure that all priorities are handled in a timely manner. With my communication skills, I am effective at speaking with a wide demographic of people including students, parents, and teachers and can speak to large groups with no problem.

I have developed and implemented programs for students to help them academically and to help them with their extracurricular activities. I am able to help guide students by setting up a good support system and by working with their parents and other administrative and supportive staff. This helps to create a much better learning atmosphere for the students. For those students that do not have a support system at home, I can provide an adult’s perspective and guidance to help them overcome their extra challenges.

I am also able to set up and maintain budgets for all departments and can ensure that they are adhered to at all times. I can also offer support to teachers and all administrators who may be having difficulties with certain students or parents.

If you would like to discuss what I can offer your school in more depth, please call me at (012)-345-6789.


Your Signature

Edwin Mcdonald

Enclosure: Resume