School Guidance Counselor Cover Letter

Here is the School Guidance Counselor Cover Letter example:

Dear Ms. Stacy Cutler,

I am excited about the School Guidance Counselor opening with Millville Public Schools and I am confident that I am a great match for this position.

I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology and I recently completed an internship to gain hands on experience in this profession. I also have my state license and I have a complete understanding of the financial aid available to students that need extra help, along with the community programs available.

I am familiar with and have the ability to perform the administrative duties required by this position. This includes administering vocational and aptitude tests, supervising state standardized testing and ensuring students have the necessary credits.

My training and education qualifies me to assist students with a variety of issues surrounding academic, psychological and social problems. I have the ability to work with students in groups or individually depending on the situation. I have the training needed to provide advice and help students make the best decisions for their future.

I have the ability to work with the parents of these children to help them understand what their child is going through and to learn ways to help their kids deal with these issues. I can also work with the school administrators to help them understand the student’s situation better.

I have the skills to communicate with students to get them to open up about the problems they are facing in addition to outstanding problem-solving and active listening skills. I am prepared to handle the emergencies and personal crisis that arise with this position.

Please call (012)-345-6789 to arrange a meeting.


Thomas Diaz

Thomas Diaz

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